Dungeon Master – Jenni Harger

Jenni Harger is a Dungeon Master turned Voice Over actor from the Pacific Northwest. She has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since the age of 12, dabbling in original 1st edition, AD&D, edition 3.5, and edition 4 and the recent 5 edition iterations of the game as well as the Temple of Elemental Evil video game for PC. As a bright spot in her childhood through her adulthood, Jenni strives to bring the game to anyone and everyone willing to learn it as it is a vast majority of her fondest memories. She has done several long running campaigns within her own created world of Eaora and is currently working on a novel series based on a three part campaign involving her closest friends’ own created characters as the main cast. 

Jenni has also recently devoted a large portion of her time as an aspiring Voice Actor. She has several pending roles set to come out in 2019 that she is very excited to show off and  a possibility of seeking representation late next year. Her desire in this is not only to entertain but also to be part of an industry she has long admired and to prove that it doesn’t matter how late in life you find your calling you can still follow your dreams. It also helps that its exceedingly fun!

She is married to Bob Harger (Erendriel Caiceran/Arkoen Ansvalder) and live in Idaho with their dog and 2 cats.

You can follow her on Twitter @JenniHarger.