Charity and Podcast Support

This endeavor is about more than just playing Dungeons and Dragons for entertainment. We are taking this one step further and giving back to others through contributions made. Below you will find a link to a Patreon account were you can make a donation you deem appropriate. Doing this will ensure that our charity be provided for and another portion will go to the podcast so we can bring you better content in possibly more ways. Also, we understand that not everyone believes in certain values that some charities support. As such you can also choose whether your full donation go to the podcast as well, just notate it in the donation.


Our charity of choice is a local hospital under the Children’s Miracle Network, St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. Not only is St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital an amazing hospital, it’s one of the most specialized hospitals in the state of Idaho. Also, as part of the Children’s Miracle Network, around 85% of all donations go directly to programs and services. For more information you can check them out at, or


For further information on the financial distribution of the organization, you can also see that at

Visit our Patreon at:

Thanks for all of your support whether you give monetarily or by simply letting others know about us!